As technology and data generation have evolved, businesses have needed to adapt their IT and analytical needs in order to effectively compete and increase productivity. This field, Business Analytics, encompasses wide ranging areas, including Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Databases, and Data Visualization, and it can be difficult for businesses to master each concept.

JS Business Intelligence was founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Shauer, a native of the Washington DC metropolitan area. With the aim to provide clients with the best analytics and data solutions for the modern day business, JSBI has built a reputation for being dedicated, diligent and reliable among clients. Our vast knowledge of the field allows us to play a wide variety of roles.

JSBI has deep expertise in a number of business analytics spaces:

  • Real Time Data Streaming
  • SQL Databases, including MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL Databases, including Cassandra, HBase, Graph Databases
  • Cloud Computing including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform
  • Data Science/Engineering using Python, R, Scala
  • Big Data Analytics, using Hadoop, Spark
  • Data Visualization, using Tableau, Looker

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