Big Data Analytics

With the ability to cheaply store data, new problems arise in the processing of large multidimensional datasets. Defined as Big Data, these massive sets have six defined characteristics:

  • Volume: the quantity of data
  • Variety: types or categories of data
  • Velocity: the speed at which data is being generated
  • Variability: the consistency of the data
  • Veracity: the quality of the data
  • Complexity: the variety of data and data sources and difficulty in analysis

Big Data has many challenges, including no commonly accepted definition and disagreement on whether it is a valuable tool for business today. But the projected trends in data and new research show promise for the benefits in businesses investing in IT, data storage and big data services.

Big Data Analytics is where data becomes actionable insight. Using a variety of products and tools, JSBI works with companies to provide a road map for solving big data challenges. From reporting, online analytical processing, data mining to business performance management, benchmarking, predictive and perspective analytics, we specialize in creating solutions to complex, data-based problems.

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Is your business equipped to make the right business decisions? JSBI has worked collaboratively with clients to identify business, reporting, and technology needs, mapped system flow processes, design and build prototypes, perform ETL, train end-users, and design system / usability tests.

Using Oracle E-Business Suite, OBIEE and a variety of other products, JSBI has experience in:

  • Environment Stability: installing, upgrading, configuring and implementing of new software
  • Budgeting & Planning: review and correct calculations, dashboard creation, training and support
  • Reporting: report generation, continuous integration

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